The Astrology of Fashion



What your zodiac sign says about your style

As any fashionista knows, fashion is more than just what you wear.  It's a way to express your unique self and to make a statement about who you are.  And what better way to find your fashion inspiration than by looking to the stars?  Have you ever wondered why you're more drawn to one fashion style, color or print design than another?  I find it fascinating how astrology can be a helpful guide when it comes to finding your fashion style.  Just as each sign of the zodiac has its own distinct personality, so too do they have corresponding fashion styles.  The signs of the zodiac whether your sun sign, which describes your basic nature and the image you project to the world, or your rising sign, which is the impression you give off when people first meet us, can reveal your true fashion sense.  Discover how to become your most attractive and stylish self by following these astrological fashion tips.