Collection: The Mystique

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21
Symbol: The Scorpion   •   Element: Water   •   Color: Black

Passionate, intense, smoldering, and secretive, you’ve got true sex appeal. You are the femme fatale, a mysterious, seductive woman who is constantly reinventing herself. You love to keep things fresh and interesting. Your exterior and inner toughness are a dynamite combination, and you’re openly drawn to the mystical dark side.

Subtle prints and deep, rich, intense and exciting colors, like black, crimson, maroon, burgundy, and dark teal represent your depth and strength. Sensual, sheer, luxurious fabrics are just right for you.

Skip the trendy and put together a stylish uniform that is polished to perfection, your signature outfit. Shop for high-quality basics. When you love an item you’ll want it in every color. Make sure your closet has something sexy for a last-minute date and stay away from overly feminine pieces, they don’t fit your work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. Add a splash of mystery to your wardrobe with edgy accessories.