If You’re Looking for a Fabulous Day to Night Go-To Fashion Piece Consider the Luluwrap, Your New BFF!  

LuLuBdesign created the LuLuwrap for you, the contemporary, empowered woman who loves playful expression, enjoys life and feels free to express her individual style! The LuLuwrap is a boho-chic, lifestyle, fashion accessory that makes a statement every time you wear it.  Stunning, stylish and totally versatile you can wear it 12 different ways to easily create endless mix and match possibilities. This must-have wrap scarf features original fabric designs and an innovative way to creatively change your look by adjusting the bespoke buttons. Form and function at its best! Made of luxurious silk chiffon, the LuLuwrap can scale any look to the next level. And there's no easier way to add a fabulous splash of color! You’ll look just as great leaving the gym in the morning as you will enjoying dinner and a movie. Versatility is the word.

Shop with a Conscience

Buying something for yourself or a loved one feels great, and buying something and giving back feels even better. When you purchase the LuLuwrap, 5% of each sale will be donated to causes that further the empowerment of women.

Your Cosmic Fashion Style

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