Welcome to LuLuBdesign

We're so excited to see you!  LuLuBdesign is a brand for the empowered woman who feels free to express her individual style! We created the LuLuwrap to give you a fresh take on modern fashion while subtly hinting at the boho styles of the 60’s and 70’s. If you love playful expression and want freedom of choice you will adore the LuLuwrap’s versatility. You can style it 12 different ways and easily create endless mix and match possibilities. The LuLuwrap features our original fabric designs which we have printed on silk chiffon and an innovative way to creatively change your look by adjusting the bespoke buttons. Our collection will effortlessly transition your style from festivals and yoga classes, errands and lunch with the girls to the workplace and date night. Let the LuLuwrap be the solution to your dressing dilemmas, no matter the occasion. 

Shop with a Conscience

Buying something for yourself or a loved one feels great, and buying something and giving back feels even better. When you purchase the LuLuwrap, 5% of each sale will be donated to causes that further the empowerment of women.

*For the month of March 5% of all proceeds from the purchase of the LuLuwrap and our silk masks will be donated to OxFam America .*

Your Cosmic Fashion Style

The secret to becoming your most alluring and stylish self lies in your zodiac sign. Find out what makes your style unique with these astrological fashion tips 


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