Meet Your New Travel BFF

Meet Your New Travel BFF

I recently read an article on entitled “What the Most Stylish Women Wear to the Airport” These stylish celebrities wore designer track suits, black jeans and tees or blue jeans and tees etc. etc. etc. The same clothing that we all wear when traveling, because the object is to be comfortable, cozy and casual. I’m going to add the word “creative” too, at least that’s what you get when you add our versatile LuLuwrap to the mix.

If you are planning a trip you should know that the LuLuwrap is perfect for traveling. It folds to fit into an adorable, orchid color, organza pouch. I know some women who have used it as a little purse in a pinch (say that 3 times fast). 

Pack light, stay chic effortlessly. ✈️✨ The LuLuWrap weighs seriously 3 ounces and yet in this little package you can enhance your wardrobe multiple ways. So, if you’re going for a long weekend trip you can take leggings and tee shirts, jeans or slacks, a bathing suit, and a skirt and top or a very fashionable slip dress. Bring along sneakers, boots and heels and of course a LuLuwrap or two and think of all the places you can go and things you can do while having choices and being comfortable, cozy, casual, chic, and creative. Now really with those few garments packed into an overnighter you probably have enough outfits for a week!



Let’s see here’s a few ideas. You have a coverup for the pool, a shawl for cool nights, a hoodie for convertible jaunts up the highway, an overtop or little jacket to put on, dress up and add color over a tee shirt or dress. You can throw it on over leggings for another style skirt, or as an off the shoulder dress, It can be a scarf that you can tie around your neck anyway you like or add extra color when you put  it through your jean belt loops, or tie it around your purse or even your wrist.

So, if you’re traveling anywhere soon and want something special for your wardrobe come visit us at the LuLuWrap store and if you know someone wonderful who is heading to parts unknown . . .  tell them about the LuLuwrap. It just might be the very special piece that they have been wishing for. #LuLuwrap #TravelScarf #ChicTravel #FashionableNomad #GlobalStyle

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