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At LuLuB design we believe that every woman needs a statement accessory. Something to make you feel fantastic every time you put it on. Something that reflects your confidence and strength.  Something that can change not only your look but your mood and attitude. Our foremost fashion piece, the LuLuwrap, is just that. Wrap it around you and feel daring and playful Wear it and be effortlessly stylish.

Our mission is to provide a vehicle to empower women to express their individuality. . . to fit in while standing out. Timeless, feminine and sensual the LuLuwrap draws inspiration from many different sources. It captures our imagination as an extremely versatile accessory that is perfect for creating a unique look. The colors, prints and fabric bring a luxurious touch that work for a variety of occasions. The Luluwrap comes in a compact organza pouch for chic transport It's versatility and mobility make it a great travel companion. . . and it also makes for a memorable gift!  


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