Silk Chiffon

We make our LuLuwrap from silk chiffon, a fabric that is airy, sheer and lightweight. Ironically, it comes from a French word for a rag, which would be an insult to our wraps! 

Silk chiffon has been available since the 1700’s throughout Europe, and was generally used to symbolize wealth and social standing. It’s considered a premium fabric because of its shimmer, smooth texture and its strength despite being very lightweight. It can also be dyed and printed in almost any color. 

Silk chiffon is created by weaving silk yarns using an alternating method. High-twist yarns are used, which means the yarns are alternatively twisted, resulting in the gentle puckering of the fabric and creating a light crumpling effect in different directions. This also causes the slightly rough feel and stretch of the fabric. When you hold chiffon up to the light you can see a sheer mesh effect, which is caused by a criss-cross patterned weave.

Silk chiffon is notoriously difficult to work with because of the slippery nature of the fabric. It must be placed on a non-slip surface when being sewn or cut, to ensure the stitches are accurate, or placed between paper to hold the fabric in place. You must work very slowly with chiffon, because if it is stretched during production it can end up bunched together and ruin the stitch. The stitching on the final piece must be very sleek and neat

Though it is lightweight, silk has considerable strength due to its manufacturing from natural silk fibers. The thinness of the material makes the fabric very cool to wear, not holding heat near the body. It’s also prized for its light appearance and for the way it hides body flaws.

Silk chiffon’s signature style is soft, natural, diaphanous and lightweight. It gives a sensation that can be described as floating - completely without stiffness. While wearing it you feel luxuriously sexy. The fabric follows your every move and you look free, easy and graceful. Because of its elegant and flowing appearance, it is a popular fabric used in scarves and wraps like the LuLuwrap.

If you want the best, silk chiffon is definitely the right choice. 




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