Collection: The Social Butterfly

Gemini - May  21 - June 20
Sign: The Twins •  Element: Air  •  Color: Yellow


As an air sign, Gemini loves to experiment with new trends and mix and match different patterns and textures. They are playful in their approach to fashion, often layering accessories and statement pieces. You're exuberant, changeable, and a little bit fickle. Bright and insightful your sharp wit presents a mental challenge for others. You can be moody but that won’t last long. There’s a bit of the gypsy about you. Your curiosity knows no bounds and you are at your best being spontaneous, exploring your city, or traveling the world.

Your love of variety and change makes you a versatile dresser who can pull off a range of styles. Experiment with mixing and matching prints and textures, and don't be afraid to try out different looks. Wear bright, vibrant colors like yellow to enhance your mental powers. Unexpected abstract prints can keep you in a great mood. Fun athleisure wear is definitely your go-to when you're staying close to home. You have a unique and unconventional fashion flair and love to take fashion risks, so switch it up! 

Wear pieces that turn heads and have people asking “What are you wearing and where did you get it?” You never wear the same thing twice. Reach for streamlined staples. You don’t want to be stuck in a signature style because there is no pinning you down. Find inspiration and go for it. Style your outfits by mixing different prints and colors together.