Collection: The Queen - Leo

Leo - July 22 - August 22
Symbol: Lion   •   Element: Fire   •   Color: Gold 

The Leo woman is someone with a great smile, the inner sense of Self, a big warm, heart and the ability to make anything happen. You are colorful, have a fiery nature and may even be a bit of an exhibitionist. Your role in life is to shine. Audacious and athletic, you go for your goals while still managing to remain feminine.

You’re a fashion risk taker and enjoy wearing exotic apparel and metallic hues cool-toned pieces—moss green, gold, muted brown—that will add a unique sense of flair., and show off your brand of flamboyant excitement. The fire sign appreciates standout pieces and also looks to layer with ready-to-wear. You like your outfits to do the talking when you walk into a room.

Trust your gut when getting dressed. Try wearing vibrant hues and wild patterns. Glistening, warm, shades of golden colors and burnt orange are your colors. You’re not someone who needs to wear the latest trend. You can rock sexy dresses so keep your style loud and proud. Leo rules big cats and that includes their patterns, so slink into animal skin and add a hint of the feline to your outfit.