Capricorn - Cosmic Fashion Style

Capricorn - December 21 - January 20
Symbol: The Goat   •   Element: Earth   •   Color:  Brown and Grey

You have an earthiness about you that is also a very sexy trait. There’s a no-nonsense, levelheaded quality about you that others find irresistible. You know how to make your way in the world, and keep on working toward self-mastery. You are actually someone who gets better with age. Strong colors like black, dark brown and charcoal grey tones enhance your no-nonsense approach to fashion. You wear classic elegance very well and love getting dressed up as long as it’s comfortable. Wearing a simple sophisticated look with an unexpected twist is a styling trick to use which will enhance your classic pieces. Leather and silks are the right fabrics for you - go for quality craftsmanship. You are not the fimsy dress type and you never want to look over the top. Invest in some stylish outfits, maybe even a great vintage score from your local thrift store or your grandmother’s closet. Shop for a basics wardrobe that helps you be prepared for anything that comes your way.


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