Winter Fashion Ideas

Winter Fashion Ideas

Winter is all about layering for warmth and the varying degrees of temperatures we experience between indoors and outdoors. There are so many combinations to layer that make this season a very exciting time of year for us fashion loving women.

First, create a foundational layer. A basic long sleeve top is a great foundational piece for a casual look paired with your favorite jeans, fleece leggings or slacks to ensure that you stay warm. I recommend making the leggings a neutral color (black, gray, etc.) If you like wearing something a bit more feminine you can opt for a midi dress.

Then select your next layer which can be thought of as the piece that can be easily shed during the warmest times of the day without breaking the rest of the look. A really yummy cashmere boyfriend sweater is classic and always works.

Next top off your casual outfit with a jacket for a cool weekend vibe or add a moto-inspired jacket for a fun night of drinks and dancing with friends.

Now to finish it off, up the ante by enhancing your ensemble with a bold statement piece. For me, this piece is the LuLuwrap. It can be worn as a very chic scarf over your jacket to keep your neck warm when you're outside and when you take off your coat the LuLuwrap is still adding color or it can be let down and worn as a poncho.

To keep you warm and also achieve an effortlessly stylish winter look, be sure to layer your clothes, and include jewel-toned colors, rich textures, and prints. Oh and when you need to run out on an errand or two, don’t forget to add a fun pair of shoes and an oversized tote to complete your ensemble.

Be present, be playful, be divine


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