How Do You Dress?

How Do You Dress?

Does Dressing For Your Age Still Exist?  I was raised by a woman who is always dressed to the nines. She still gets dressed up to go to the market and is always on trend! We're a lot more casual now, especially on the West Coast, and almost anything goes. However, I recently saw a woman show disapproval at another woman (about her age), because she was wearing a trendy outfit that "only a young girl should be wearing," she muttered to her friend.  Actually, I thought the woman looked great!

How do you dress? Do you wear what you think you're supposed to wear according to the trends and magazines or are you someone that dresses to please herself? We've all read editorials in the fashion rags about "What To Wear For Your Age” or “What You Should No Longer Wear When You're in Your 40s” etc., etc.,etc. We're told to wear certain things at a certain age and to avoid wearing certain things because of it. There are still some people who think you don't wear white after Labor Day and that your shoes, belt and bag must match!
Being "appropriately" dressed is about being happy in what you're wearing. I think you should wear what makes you feel good about yourself and what looks great on you. As we take better care of ourselves and our life expectancy increases, our 40s and 50s and even the years beyond no longer look like they used to. Grandmas are as chic as women in their 20s and 30s. Check out all the beautiful influencers on Instagram from @iconaccidental, @bagandaberet, @susan_unefemme, to @chicover50 and @southernblondechic just to name a few.
When it comes to fashion, I think you should dress for your body type, while also dressing in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident. It's more important to figure out what flatters your body and fits your lifestyle than worrying if you are dressing for your age. It's ridiculous to think a 70-year-old woman shouldn't be allowed to care about trends or that a 25 year old doesn't need to consider what's appropriate. Dressing for your age is a thing of the past. Dressing for what feels good on you is timeless.
The importance of timeless dressing is something I feel strongly about. It's great to have trendy pieces that you wind up tossing at the end of the season but I like quality pieces in my wardrobe that are unique and offer versatility. Enter the LuLuwrap, it offers something for every age and body type and you can wear it again and again and still look fresh and stylish. 
Be present, be playful, be divine
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True Dat Lady!!!!! You are a class act and you set the bar high for women of all ages , shapes and sizes. Much gratitude to you for that.
who loves ya baby!!! I Do!!

rena c Andreoli

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