We Become What We Wear

We Become What We Wear

Fashion is one of the most important aspects of our lives, whether we realize it or not. The clothes we wear every day have a profound impact on our moods and how we perceive ourselves. fashion can be used to express our individuality and unique sense of style. It can also be used to convey our mood or how we're feeling on any given day.

There is a link between mood and clothing when women are stressed their world narrows down and the result is that as much as 90% of a woman’s wardrobe can be neglected.  In fact, studies have shown that fashion can actually influence our thoughts and behavior, a phenomenon known as "enclothed cognition." So next time you're getting dressed, take a moment to consider how your clothing might be affecting your state of mind. You might be surprised at just how powerful fashion can be.

Our self-image begins with clothing and our clothing choices influence our thoughts, moods, and perspectives.


The LuLuwrap understands the link between mood and clothing, The essence of The LuLuwrap is its versatility.  Its core value is to help you feel more beautiful and confident in your clothing and therefore happier with the clothing choices you make.  You will be prepared for almost any event. How wonderful it is to know that you can have just one piece of clothing that can add 12 distinct looks to your wardrobe. 

The Luluwrap supports the right choice of feeling happier in your clothes.The Luluwrap remembers we aren’t what we wear, but that we become what we wear.

Shop TheLuLuwrap.  Versatile Luxury for Travel and Play!

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