Earth Goddess Virgo

Earth Goddess Virgo

August 21 - September 22
Sign: The Virgin    Element: Earth     Color: Earth Tones


If there is a sign that is skeptical of fashion determined by the stars, it would be Virgo. Virgo is the natural discerner. 

You're not an impulsive person and may even appear indecisive at times. You like order and are neat and organized. The Virgo woman seldom shows emotion and when offended probably won’t let others know.

Your personality traits and emotional characteristics filter into your lifestyle and fashion sense. The symbol of Virgo is The Virgin, or Earth Goddess. A woman who knows herself and is self sufficient. Your style is aligned with that  - never too flashy or revealing but knowing what is right and looks best on you. The least amount of attention the better and the more confident they feel. The Virgo woman will often spend her time over-analyzing an outfit and may even change a few times before determining her final selection.

You can be very particular about your fashion. Not much for trends, it’s classic styling for you. Your clothing always fits perfectly and is always made from high-quality material – no polyester for you! Attracted to earth colored shades, you will always complete your outfit with the perfect accessories.

The Virgo woman is usually put together perfectly. You’ll never be caught wearing jeans that are baggy or sloppy looking. Your everyday look consists of well-tailored jeans or trousers and a button-down shirt.

Not one for stepping out of their routine, you might feel out of sorts when you experiment with bolder colors, so avoid red to stay true to your nature. However, it wouldn’t hurt to throw navy blue into the mix every once in a while. Stripes and plaids are also a favorite. Pairi a tailored jacket or blazer to complete the outfit. But there are those days that you leave the house looking like you just hopped out of bed from a long night’s sleep. For you, it’s one style or the other and nothing in between.

When you go out at night, you prefer smaller crowds with your closest friends. You're not one to visit the hippest new dance club, or even dance for that matter. A typical evening style is consistent with your day style. Something simple like a floral or earth tone dress finished with an elegant piece of jewelry or accessory, like a great pair of flats and simple pearl or silver earrings. Although Virgo likes to be put together, you don’t like accessories that are flashy or too trendy. Virgo is not a sign that likes to stand out in a crowd.

Whether you know it or not, your fashion sense has been with you for as far as you can remember. You are most likely skeptical that your stars are a factor in your clothing selection, but after much analyzing you may be surprised.




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