Free to Experience the World

Free to Experience the World

I just found this photo of me at 17 from my Senior yearbook. It was fun looking back. I wondered . . . would I do anything differently in hindsight? Absolutely I would but we rarely get that option in life.

Back then I had no idea of what I wanted to do other than get out of college and be free to experience the world. I got a job working at a chic clothing boutique and saved my money, sold my Healy 3000 (wish I had it today!!!) and bought a 1 way ticket to London. On my way! I was so excited. I was ready to experience everything the world had to offer.                                 

I found lodging at a youth hostel and then went right out to Mary Quant's boutique on King's Road in Chelsea and spent more than I should have on some really cool rainbow striped over the knee socks and a mini skirt. If I was going to travel around the world I better be in fashion. FYI, Mary Quant was a fashion designer and icon and one of the designers that was credited for the miniskirt and hot pants as well as colored patterned tights to be worn along with them. Her philosophy was that you should dress to please yourself and treat fashion as a game.
I realized that at this rate my money was not going to last very long so I started looking for some part time work, since I was adamant about continuing my travels. I got lucky and a friend introduced me to a friend who sold vintage clothing at the Portobello Road Market and he hired me to help out. Great now I could enhance my wardrobe and get some money together. So I hung out in London for a while until I decided to venture across the channel and on to France - destination Paris and beyond.    
I still have wanderlust and take off a couple weeks a year when possible to explore, whether it be local or abroad. And when I get there I'm always looking for eclectic fashions, unusual pieces of fabrics and buttons. Travel is so inspiring and rejuvenating. It opens up my mind to new ideas that I can incorporate into the fabric designs for the LuLuwrap.

Be present, be playful, be divine



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