Independent Taurus

Independent Taurus

April 21 - May 20
Sign: Bull   Element: Earth     Color: Green


The Taurus woman is independent, dependable and successful and really good in business and finances. She strives to reach every goal she creates and pays attention to detail to the point of perfectionism. A Taurus woman is also very sensitive and takes things to heart and can easily become offended. Taurus likes consistency and does not do well with change.

The Taurus woman likes beautiful things and can be a little bit of a label snob. She loves the finest fabrics and only buys quality clothes. Tailor-made suits are an investment because she understands that the perfect fit will never go out of style. Practical, classy, and tasteful, she prefers embellished flats to stilettos, and impeccably cut pants to miniskirts. While Taurus can pull off a lot, she doesn’t look good in boxy or uncomfortable-looking clothes.

When it comes to your fashion taste and picking out a new outfit, you have confidence and trust your intuition. You won’t leave for the day without being put together from head to toe.

Accessories are another love of the Taurus woman and showing off your best features, which is often your graceful neck, has you buying up necklaces and scarves by the dozens. Subtle and smart, this Earth signs color is green and also favors neutral colors like cream, ivory, and khaki, accented by rich browns or luscious gold; colors that make the most of your coloring.

The Taurus woman looks at clothes in terms of how you might feel to the touch, and even if an outfit looks fabulous, if it doesn’t feel great next to your skin, you’ll avoid it. High quality fabrics like velvet, corduroy, cashmere, silk and wool are perfect for you. For casual wear, the Taurus woman likes comfort and usually sticks to her favorite clothes often buying more than one of each of these favorite pieces rather than risk trying a new style.

Shopping is an experience the Taurus woman savors, spending time choosing just the perfect pair of shoes, just the right bag, or the perfect blouse to go with the pants you just bought is what shopping is all about. It doesn’t matter how much you pay – the Taurus woman will make everything look like a million bucks.

A typical day look for the Taurus woman is a well-fitting pair of jeans or khakis and a white or pastel button-down shirt. Pair the outfit with a leather belt, a silk scarf, and complete the outfit with a yummy pair of leather boots . . . and don’t forget about the matching bag.

Not much for hanging out in big crowds, you do enjoy spending a night out with close friends, always making sure to look your best. For a night out, wear a simple black or khaki skirt, paired with a light pink or blue ruffled blouse. Complete the outfit with simple earrings, such as a diamond or pearl studs and a delicate handbag. For a summer look, the shoes can be an elegant sandal.

Since you're a fan of form and function, go for clothes that are comfortable & fashion-forward and don't be afraid to stand-out with bold pieces and accessories.

Be present, be playful, be divine



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