The Romantic Pisces.

The Romantic Pisces.

February 21 - March 21
Sign: The Fish   Element: Water   Colors: Blues and Seafoam green


The Pisces woman possesses a mystical quality.  Your loving kindness and lusty romantic charm enable you to get away with just about anything.

You are a free spirit who possesses a whimsical fashion flair. You exhibit your style and taste and a subtle sexiness. You love gem tone colors of indigo, blue and the colors of the sea, like seafoam green. They bring about healing and inspiration for you. 

When you think of Pisces fashion, think romantic, feminine pieces. Think of flowers, hearts, and stars and lots of colors. The Pisces woman loves flirty clothing that has major sex appeal. Her fashion style is sexy and sophisticated. The Pisces woman loves to wear dresses and skirts. However, they still love wearing pants and shorts, free-flowing blouses and tunics, as long as they are colorful and stylish. . . and always with sexy open-toed shoes.

You love to wear art as well as create art with your wardrobe. Wearing flowy looks are your most comfortable favorites. Boho-chic, soft, easy, pieces are just right for you.  Wearing unrestrictive, effortless clothes like caftans, maxi dresses, luxe lounging pajamas, and the LuLuwrap are your inspiration!

When a Pisces woman goes out for a night with her girls or her man, she’ll have all eyes on her, because she’ll be the one who brightens up the room with her colorful sexy dress. And if she chooses not to wear a dress, she’ll be wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans with a print designed cami and a pair of sexy pumps.

When it comes to accessories for the Pisces woman, the possibilities are endless. The Pisces woman loves silver, gold, and diamonds. For an everyday look, you will probably wear dangling earrings, with just a touch of color or a lot of blue and definitely a one-of-a-kind bangle or cuff. Having a belt or scarf or any other accessory is a must-have for the Pisces woman.

The Pisces woman knows how to use her imagination. The outfit she sees in her mind she creates in real life. Pisces rules the feet so naturally, you love shoes, and you believe “the shoes make the outfit”. That’s why you take your time to pick the right shoes, and then choose the outfit. You have a feminine touch and know-how to be fun, sexy, flirty and cute.

The Pisces woman knows how to work a room and why everyone loves to see what you are creating and wearing next.

Be present, be playful, be divine



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