I Love Leopard

I Love Leopard

I love wearing leopard print. It gives off a sexy, wild vibe that’s so much fun. A leopard print can actually be worn as a neutral that can work with nearly any color, print, or pattern. The warm, neutral tones go perfectly with fall and winter colors (though it can also be worn year-round!) If you’re not sure about finding your comfort level with a leopard print, here are some tips to make leopard look classy and chic.
To work a little leopard print into your wardrobe, start with accessories like a leopard print belt or flats. Try wearing a black turtleneck and dark skinny jeans and accent the outfit with a leopard-print belt. Add a tweed gray sweater or blazer to add some extra texture.

If you’re feeling the leopard vibe, but are still a bit shy about going all out, play up the leopard by tying a scarf around your neck. By bringing the leopard print closer to your face, you make it more noticeable, but the piece itself is still a small part of your overall outfit. You can also make your leopard pop a little more by wearing a leopard LuLuwrap. Any accessory including a leopard bag will also add pop. Warm hues like olive green, poppy, mustard, chambray blue, or cranberry look great with leopard.


If you are the fashionista who loves leopard and is not intimidated wearing it, you probably have lots of large leopard-print pieces in your wardrobe like sweaters, tops, or pants. Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix and match prints, patterns and colors. Keep the non-leopard pattern simple, in neutral or muted shades and keep one of the prints smaller in proportion to the other, like a striped white tee or a fine tweed. The classic look of these patterns makes them easier to mix with leopard than multi-colored prints like plaid or bolder textures like fur. 

When you wear full-on leopard pieces like dresses or coats, keep your look simple like solid colors or simple patterns and basics like jeans and leather boots since the leopard print is so strong.

Don’t be afraid to bring leopard print into your wardrobe, wear it confidently ad have fun with it!

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