Love Is Not Only Something You Feel. . .

Love Is Not Only Something You Feel. . .

Love Love Love. All you need is Love. This is the time when those words need to be sung loud and clear. Life is a series of changes, from the weather to our politics.  And it's times like these that LOVE is the message we should all be sending. 

With Valentines's Day around the corner the awareness of romantic love is everywhere and to love and nurture ourselves, our communities, our sisters is also significant. We sometimes take ourselves and those closest to us for granted. Most people don't show their love because they're afraid of being seen as vulnerable or weak. Just remember that love responds best to love. Take the risk and show your love. It feels good and showing love to others can be the way to loving yourself.

Love Is Not Only Something You Feel. It is Something You Do

So speak kindly to yourself and others. Stop the negativity. Have patience with your mistakes. You are worthy and you are enough. Delight in the success of others It will bring joy into your heart. Respect every individual regardless of their status. 

Love doesn't just happen to you. It needs to be cultivated. Remind yourself how beautiful you are on a daily basis. Create joy in your life by connecting with others to share your love, your interests, and your thoughts.

Be present, be playful, be divine



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