Well Balanced Libra.

Well Balanced Libra.

September 22 - October 20

Sign: The Scales    Element: Air    Color: Pastels

Hey beautiful Libra. You're a passionate woman that loves to live life. You are very social and love to entertain and definitely know how to be a gracious hostess. You love being the life of the party and making new friends. You are kind-hearted and will always be there for loved ones when needed.
When it comes to fashion you are creative and artistic. the Libra woman is all about balance. You know how to mix and match fashion styles to work in your favor. Whether you are wearing a short mini skirt with high stilettos, or an elegant cotton paint suit, you will still look fashionable.
Libras love soft and feminine patterns and light pastel colors. Favorite colors are pink, blue and white. One thing’s for sure; you can rock a dress or a pant suit and still look smoking hot. Libra women love looking glamorous without spending a fortune. And the Libra woman loves shoes - pumps, wedges, or high heels. Soft and flirty is the perfect way to describe your fashion sense. A true feminine. You love fashion and style. She has IT and everybody seems to love whatever she wears!
Being the life of the party, you can expect a Libra to have her signature black dress that turns heads everywhere she goes. It’s no secret that her clothes will reflect her personality - soft and romantic outfits with a professional feel to them.
A typical outfit for a Libra can be a silk blouse adorned with a floral pattern, and a pair of comfortable dark colored trousers. However, it’s not uncommon for a Libra to wear different types of dresses. She has a dress for every occasion. She has the long and sleek dress, the short and flirty dress, and the comfortable “every day” dress. A Libra woman will always wear a dress for a night on the town; however, wearing a colorful pant suit and halter top works too. No matter what dress she wears, you can bet on her wearing it with a pair of heels to create a simple and elegant style.

Comfortable, yet sexy is your style, wearing great fitting jeans and a beautiful floral print mid-shirt or blouse with heels or wedges are a must. The jewelry should be simple yet sparkly. Whether wearing diamonds or pearls, she knows how to make her jewelry blend in with her outfit.

For a Libra, accessories are a must. Libras are all about feminine power, and their accessories show it. Whether it’s a clutch purse, or an oversized faux designer handbag, Libra women know how to match their purse with their outfits.

Let’s not forget about the creativity of Libra women. While Libras love pearls, diamonds, and studs, you can also catch them wearing eccentric jewelry pieces made out of stones, crystals, and other non-traditional type jewelry pieces to their wardrobe.

Here are some Libra role models. (You’re in great company!!!) Cardi B, Kate Wislet, Susan Sarandon, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Watts, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow.


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