Bold, Beautiful Leo

Bold, Beautiful Leo

July 21 - August 20
Sign: The Lion    Element: Fire     Color: Gold and Orange 


The Leo woman is independent and oozes with confidence and it doesn’t hurt to let them know how great they are. The Leo woman is fun loving and has a warm personality and usually can be seen with her squad surrounding her most of the time. She makes a great friend, wonderful at motivating others and giving support when needed.

The Leo women loves to be in control. As long as they’re in the driver’s seat, success finds them easily. They are driven and work hard to get where they want to go. Leo gets bored with routine and likes to change things up and try new things.  

The fashion style of a Leo woman, mirrors her personality. They love being noticed in all aspects of their life, including fashion. They enjoy wearing animal prints, leather, faux fur, silk, sequins and any other items that draws attention. It’s unusual for a Leo women to not have a designer label on her body.

Leo women enjoy wearing bold colors like red, gold, and black to express their dramatic flair. They love expressing their mood of the day through their fashion. Wearing silk and satin with embellishments of sequins allows a Leo to sparkle.  Add flare into your accessories with leopard print shoes and some form of animal print in your outfit to express your wild side

You are confident and have a great eye for fashion and what looks best for a night out. Nighttime is where you are the most comfortable, especially when out on the town. The Leo woman loves to dance and visit the trendiest clubs, but only with the perfect outfit, the bolder and trendier the better.

You enjoy setting trends whether it’s the latest style in sunglasses or the newest shoes on the market, the Leo woman likes to stay on top of the styles. It’s fun to make a statement and you actually thrive by drawing attention to your style.

As a Leo, you enjoy pushing the envelope and creating styles that people will be talking about for days. You are always put together and have a strong sense of understanding what looks good on you and your body. Your passion for fashion and style keeps you looking your best!


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