How to Turn-on Happiness

How to Turn-on Happiness

At LuLuBdesign, we know that how a woman looks on the outside is a reflection of how she feels on the inside. When you’re feeling good and enjoying yourself, and loving your life—that’s when you look and feel your best. 

I know life isn’t always pleasure and joy. All of us have problems and deal with struggles.  Sometimes we’re frustrated with our loved ones, our jobs, or whatever life throws us unexpectedly.

So how can you turn on happiness in your life,
even when life isn’t going your way?

It definitely takes some practice to see that we have the power to impact our daily life experiences.  I’ve been playing around with shifting my perspective to help me enjoy whatever is happening at the moment.  

"If there's anything you want to change in your experience, imagine it changed."

Now this doesn't mean everything is always fabulous and fantastic every minute of every day. But it means that I look for ways to be delighted, even when I’m experiencing the most mundane, boring or negative situations. Here are 3 ways I’ve been practicing 


This is a big one. It means: whatever is happening in the present moment - accept it.  Now that doesn’t mean you stay in a state of acceptance about whatever’s happening—it just means you start there. 

For example, instead of immediately reacting to your partner’s behavior by wishing he or she were different, you start by accepting what’s happening in that moment.  You know count to ten.

Then, from that more relaxed state, decide how you want to respond. Try going for a walk, or talk things out, or just do something that makes you feel good.  

 It means we don’t resist life. Accept what is in front of you —and then figure out how to deal with it in a way that will bring the most joy and peace. 


Look for things to appreciate.  We seem to pay more attention to what bothers us than what we appreciate. It’s best to focus on whats right than to be concerned with what’s wrong.  Lessen the stress and you'll begin to relax

I find that being in the moment, whatever the situation, takes a conscious practice to look at what I‘m doing and find what I appreciate about it. 

Be Playful

Laughter and lightheartedness is an amazing stress reliever—even for real pain. It makes life fun. It connects us. Find the things that make you laugh with your loved ones. Get up and dance even if no one is watching. Sing in the shower or the car or do karaoke nights.  Playful expression leads to pure delight and love of yourself

What helps you turn on happiness in your life?  We’d love to hear from you.  Let us know in the comments below!

Be present, be playful, be divine

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