Fabulous at Every Age

Fabulous at Every Age

The one thing that fashion industry influencers agree on is that age no longer dictates our style compass. All women want to look good no matter how old they are. Gone are the days when hitting 40, 50, and beyond, means "dressing for your age". 


We are living longer and working longer. Our changing lifestyles should put an emphasis on health as well as look and feel good. Not having to look young is the new ageless style!

Ageless style begins with confidence, originality, and a versatile wardrobe. The popularity of wild prints, slogan tee shirts, ubiquitous denim, bold colors and wearing sneakers with just about everything is perfect examples of a less age restrictive way of dressing. Comfort is now associated with luxurious fabrics and pieces that have a relaxed feel. The ageless woman appreciates quality, beautiful fabrics and attention to detail.

Reinvent your closet with the LuLuwrap. I usually stick to neutrals and solid color pants, skirts, and tops but its also fun to enhance your outfits with prints and the chic clash of the pattern on pattern. Adding more energetic pieces into your wardrobe is playful and ageless. And isn't that the point - to just have fun with your style, be creative and express your individuality.

Express yourself. Don’t work too hard at it. It's not about age, it's about style.

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