Women Are Not Equal?!

Women Are Not Equal?!

I find it absolutely amazing that women in the U.S. don't have equal rights. For over 240 years we have been the subject of discriminatory attitudes and treatment. It's time that women are acknowledged as citizens and have the same rights as men.

in 1972, the ERA passed in both houses of Congress. Supported by Republican President Richard Nixon, 35 states went on to pass the amendment.  However, it fell 3 states short of the 38-state requirement.

Most recently, after 40 years of inaction, Nevada became the 36th state to pass the ERA, breathing new life into the idea that equality for all could soon be the law of the land. Illinois became the 37th state and hopefully Arizona will be the 38th.

We are closer than at anytime in American history to making ERA the 28th amendment to our United States Constitution. Closer than ever before to lawfully protecting all American citizens from gender discrimination, at home and in the workplace.

The Equal Rights Amendment will protect all Americans, women, children, families, and our communities. When equality becomes law, everyone will benefit.
It is now up to us to act. Please join us. Tuesday Dec 11 LuLuBdesign will take part in a fundraiser to support Equal Means Equal. 20% of all sales that day will be donated to Equal Means Equal.

. . . and for our sisters and friends in L.A. please join us
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