Sunshine Personified

Sunshine Personified

Anne Morris is our newest LuLuwrap Star. Anne is a truly beautiful woman inside and out. Always joyful and smiling, she is sunshine personified!  Anne has had a varied career in Los Angeles - from being one of the best and most sought after production managers for commercials and videos that I ever worked with, to acting in front of the cameras.  However, Anne’s real passion lies in getting our youths future on track. She is a college advisor at Navigatio College Consulting.

Anne loves adventure from experiencing all that L A has to offer to river rafting on the Colorado. I don’t think I know another woman with such a wonderful level of enthusiasm as I see in Anne.  She is an incredible mom, a loving wife to Dale and devoted to her family.

Anne looks so fresh and playful wearing her LuLuwrap in the Springtime design while showing us that The Huntington Gardens is not the only place to see a flowering beauty.

Be present, be playful, be divine


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