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I love this time of year. it makes me want to jump in the air and shout, “Hurray!” The sun is shining and the air smells like flowers. It feels as though everything around me is in perfect harmony. I have a Spring ritual that I do every year as the weather warms up. It's a closet spring cleaning (AKA "the purge"). Think of it as a cleanse, but without the juice.

A Spring Cleaning Purge is about losing all those clothes you collected over the year that never got worn, are outdated, and are just plain worn out. This initial purge will give you the opportunity to see what you're lacking for your reinvented, warm weather closet. An important reminder, layering knows no season, so make sure to save a hanger or two for those few wear-around-the-year items. And there's nothing wrong with releasing the clothing to a new purpose - like donating to charity.
How to do the Spring Cleaning Purge:
- Set up 3 piles. toss, donate and sell. (H&M will give you 15% off a future purchase per bag of clothing you bring them for recycling.)
- Invite a friend over, sometimes we need some help in letting go
- A glass of wine helps too!

As you go through your closet remember:
- If you haven't worn it in a year, what makes you think you're going to wear it now?
- If you can't think of at least three ways to style it, it's time to let go.
- If it doesn't fit in all the right places, we suggest you move on.

So now that you've cleaned it all up, style a fresh new look for yourself
Update your wardrobe with some new spring accessories.
Find your new favorite color. Rock the pastels this season
Bring back your favorite pair of jeans and wear them with a new tee shirt and a LuLuwrap for an easy laid-back look . . . and try wearing your LuLuwrap a new way.

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