Sophisticated Capricorn

Sophisticated Capricorn

December 21 - January  20

Sign: The Sea Goat   Element: Earth    Colors: Brown & Dark Gray

The Capricorn woman, with her practical nature will let nothing stand in the way of her dreams. She knows how to set goals and go after them.

Capricorns intuitively possess a knack for dressing well, and appropriately for any occasion. You can trust her instincts if you’re wondering what to wear to that job interview, summer wedding or any important event. She'll dress you down then put you in something perfect. She knows how to make the right impression.

Her overall fashion sense is classic style - sophisticated business woman! Subtle, dignified, elegance and essentially conservative, Capricorn women give off a more serious vibe. They love to wear well-tailored suits and strong, dark colors like brown, navy blue, charcoal grey and black suit them best,

To spruce up your wardrobe, put a little color accent into your wardrobe. Since you’re not as daring as other signs, you probably won’t have a sexy red dress or a revealing blouse. Instead, you’ll have a dark colored dress or blouse with a hint of color. Due to your sophisticated nature, you exude simple elegance. It’s very common to see a Capricorn in navy blue pants with a blazer or be brave and wear an all-white pant suit accented with a dark blazer. This way the blazer can still complement your true Capricorn style.

Capricorn women love to be comfortable, and will usually choose comfort over style. They love to wear short, comfortable heels, but they don’t mind wearing flats at all. They love simple patterns and horizontal and vertical lines. They’re most comfortable in a pair of form fitting black slacks and a nice blouse.

The Capricorn woman may be sophisticated, but she knows how to be sexy for a night out. You can expect her to wear a sleek form fitting black or dark colored dress that shows just a little bit of skin. She’ll probably wear a sleeveless dress, but she will have a jacket tor LuLuwrap to cover her up just in case she gets uncomfortable.

She can even look stunning in a pair of trousers, a blouse and high heels, and of course she will have her trustworthy jacket to complement her outfit. She will accent her look with a simple clutch purse, and stud earrings.

When it comes to accessories, Capricorn women love the retro look. Their jewelry pieces usually include opals, pearls and rubies. They love jewelry that accentuates their outfits. So, you will usually see a Capricorn wearing Jewelry the same color as their outfit. They are known for wearing black jewelry and red jewelry and jewelry with eccentric patterns.

While you don’t like to show skin, you can loosen up a little by showing by wearing open toed pumps, or a long skirt that has a sllit that shows off just enough leg to make people go ooh la la. As a Capricorn you are the poster child for sophisticated and sexy.



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