Trend Setter Aquarius

Trend Setter Aquarius

January 21 - February 20

Sign: The Water Bearer   Element: Air   Colors: Electric Blue

Aquarians are known for being eccentric, open-minded and independent. The Aquarius woman is a true non-conformist who exemplifies what it means to march to your own drummer.

When it comes to your fashion style, the Aquarius woman takes a walk on the wild side and experiments with bold prints and colors that show off her intense personality.

Creative and unique, you are fashion trend-setters. You are always the first to wear a new style and definitely not afraid to break fashion rules. The Aquarian woman loves light, bright colors, like blue, turquoise and violet and red is one of their signature colors. Every Aquarian woman has a red dress, red pants, or a red skirt.

You can change your look from boho chic to sophisticated and sassy in the blink of an eye. Your fashion style is ever-changing. One minute you’re rocking floral prints and the next a bold sexy dress. You love to mix up your wardrobe whether it’s stripes, stars, hearts, or animal prints as well as their fabrics, patterns and styles. Aquarian women know how to make an outfit work and know how to express their individuality through fashion.

Like the Leo woman, Aquarians love animal prints, just a bit more subtle. They’ll wear a tee shirt with a simple zebra stripe, and instead of black and white the stripes will be pink, yellow, or green. As everyone knows their style is artistic and chic.

A long sleek dark-colored dress is great for a night out, pair that with comfortable sandals and a simple necklace, and you’re ready to hit the town running.

Statement accessories are a must for the Aquarian woman. Jewelry and accessories that inspire and have meaning or “special powers” made of turquoise, gemstones, and crystals are their favorite.

It’s all about color with the Aquarius woman. If she’s wearing a pink outfit, you know that she will be wearing matching color earrings, and shoes and even a handbag with a touch of pink too!

If you’re an Aquarius, you know you have an eye for fashion. You’re not afraid to wear red shorts and a yellow shirt with blue sandals- somehow the way you put it together works!

You don’t have one style, but a mixture of different styles. One day you can wear a classic bohemian look, and then the next day you will sport a sophisticated look. The Aquarius woman will always keep people guessing!

While you can rock solid colors or animal prints, you love mixing and matching clothes. Sometimes, you go as far as wearing horizontal stripes with animal prints. Only you can get away with that type of fashion style and make it work.

You know exactly how to make a statement and people always emulate your unique fashion style.

Be present, be playful, be divine



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