An Interview with The LuLuWrap Creator

An Interview with The LuLuWrap Creator

What Does The LuLuwrap Stand For?

The LuLuwrap stands for Freedom of Choice and the Empowerment of Women. I embarked on an unexpected journey toward reinvention and entrepreneurship when I created the LuLuwrap. I was inspired by my travels and a love for wearing chic, comfortable and versatile pieces that also pack well.

LuLuBDesign blog post An Interview with the The LuLuWrap creator

An idea came to me as I was trying to make a beautiful leopard scarf work with my outfit. The problem was that it was too long and too wide and every way I styled it still didn’t look right. So I started to make some changes, I cut it and pinned it and retried it and then added some details until I finally got the results I was looking for... a simple silk chiffon fashion wrap that could be styled 11 different ways. The big test came when I wore it out on the streets. Suddenly women were complimenting me on the wrap and asking where I got it.  So now that my first mission was accomplished, I now had to find a fabric that was light, luxurious and translucent enough to create an air of sensuality and then I began designing the original prints that women would proudly wear... and my business was born . . .

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