Make Someone Happy

Make Someone Happy

Today is International Day of Happiness. 

Yep, that's right! Get ready to spread cheer. In 2012 the UN officially crowned March 20th as the global day to celebrate happiness - a fundamental human goal.  

Thanks to the brilliant idea of philanthropist and UN advisor, Jayme Illien, who thought the best day for this celebration would be the vernal equinox, we get to kick off the joys of spring with a worldwide celebration of happiness 
The theme for this year is "Be Mindful, Be Grateful, Be Kind." 
So let's all make the world a little brighter today! 
Here are 6 ways to make someone happy and watch the smile light up their face. 
1. Cook a meal or take someone out to lunch
One of the best ways to make someone happy is to bond over a great meal.
2. Write an email. Send a message
Tell someone that you've been thinking about them and wish them well.
3. Share a playlist
Music is a great way to express how you feel. Share yours with a loved one. 
4. Give hugs
Hugs are so healing. They can help you forget all your worries, and feel loved. 
5. Flowers
Give a loved one a bouquet. Flowers always make someone's day better.
6. Compliment a stranger
If you've ever had a stranger tell you how pretty you look, you must have felt wonderful. If you encounter a stranger find something to compliment about them. 
Making someone happy is one of the most authentic and generous things you can do. So I'm taking the opportunity to bring a smile to your face today and tell you how much I appreciate and am grateful to you.



 P.S. Here's My Playlist of songs that put a smile on my face and I hope yours


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