At the LuLuWrap, we're believers in the power of a statement accessory to elevate every woman's wardrobe. Our mission is to provide that perfect piece – something that not only looks fantastic but also reflects the confidence and beauty within. The LuLuWrap embodies this philosophy, offering women the freedom to effortlessly expand their wardrobe choices. More than just an accessory, it's a symbol of individuality, designed for the woman who delights in playful expression. Whether you're dressing down with tees and leggings or dressing up with slacks or a little black dress, our scarves exude sensuality and femininity. Join us in embracing the LuLuwrap lifestyle, where every outfit is an opportunity to have fun and make a statement wherever you go.

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Our commitment to empowering women goes beyond fashion. Our passion is helping women to unlock their full potential, both personally and professionally. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to thrive and excel, which is integral to the well-being of our society and our world. We advocate for a woman's right to autonomy – the freedom to shape her own life, make her own choices, and control her body. We aspire to instill confidence, celebrate individuality, and inspire women to stand out boldly, embracing their unique selves with confidence and pride. Join us in our mission to empower women and make a meaningful impact on the world.


We understand that fashion is more than just clothing. It's a way to express yourself and showcase your individuality. Our mission is to transcend fashion, to build confidence and serve as a canvas for women to express themselves. Our design process is rooted in timeless elegance, enhanced by the luxurious flow of silk chiffon and a commitment to versatility. Our goal is to empower women to feel both confident and comfortable, offering them a diverse range of choices to curate their personal style. With our unique approach, we enrich women's wardrobes, providing them with expanded options to express their individuality through their attire. There's no better way to showcase your unique style than through the clothes you wear, and the LuLuWrap is dedicated to helping you do just that.

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Hey there, Let me introduce myself  - I'm Linda Mason, the founder/designer behind the LuLuWrap. With my lifelong love for style and fashion, I set out on a mission to change up women's wardrobes with a little something I call the LuLuWrap. Picture this: your scarf isn't just a scarf – it's a chameleon of style, transforming to match your every mood and whim. That's the magic I wanted to bring to life!  Inspired by the belief that clothes are more than just fabric – they're statements of who we are – I dreamed up the LuLuWrap, a versatile scarf and travel wrap that's as playful and vibrant as you are. I get it – as women, our tastes can change with the wind. That's why I created an accessory that's not just beautiful, but also adaptable. From a chic shawl to a sassy sarong, the LuLuWrap is your way to express yourself however you please! Rooted in the free-spirited vibe of the West Coast, each LuLuWrap is a little slice of laid-back elegance. It's about embracing your unique style and letting your personality shine through. So, join me on this journey of self-expression and style exploration. Let's wrap ourselves in creativity and spread a little LuLu love wherever we go! ✨

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."
                                                        ~Diane Von Furstenburg

Our Impact

We strive to make a positive impact on women's lives, encouraging creativity, confidence and comfort. By sharing the message of independence, self-expression, and innovation embodied by the LuLuWrap, we aim to inspire and empower. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident , regardless of her age or background.

Our Dream

Our dream is to see the LuLuwrap become a staple in every woman's wardrobe. We strive to expand our reach, sharing our passion for fashion and our commitment to women's empowerment. With each LuLuwrap, we aim to help women express themselves authentically. Together, we're turning dreams into reality, one wrap at a time.

Shop with a Conscience

With every purchase, you're not just adding a stylish accessory to your wardrobe – you're also making a meaningful difference in the lives of women. 5% percent of each sale goes directly to charities that support women's causes, empowering them to achieve economic independence, support, and the tools to thrive. Together, we make a difference!