Our Mission

The LuLuwrap is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, as a limited-edition collection. We source the most beautiful silk chiffon fabric and create the art that brings our designs to life.

Our mission is to meld the ethereal to every day, to celebrate versatility and an effortless silhouette and to provide women a means to express their individuality . . . to fit in while standing out. Our unique feature is that we enhance women’s wardrobes by expanding their choices.

Our goal is to transform women’s lives by helping them reach their highest dreams feeling confident and comfortable and to convey our lifestyle message of independence, creativity, and innovation to women worldwide. What better way to express your individual style and feel empowered than through what you wear!


The LuLuwrap is an attitude inviting you to be daring and individualistic, 
playful and practical, effortless and stylish.



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