About the Designer

"I designed the LuLuwrap for the empowered woman who loves playful expression, embraces change and feels free to express her individual style! The LuLuwrap is a  unique, inspirational piece that will make a statement every time you wear it. It’s so versatile you can style it twelve different ways to easily create a chic, fashionable look, anytime, anywhere." - Linda Mason

Linda Mason, TV commercial producer, photographer and designer, embarked on an unexpected journey toward reinvention and entrepreneurship when she created the LuLuwrap, the stunning, wear-anywhere wrap-scarf for women that can take you from a casual day style to a night on the town, with ease and versatility. 

It all started with a leopard scarf that LInda was trying to make work with her outfit. The problem was that it was bulky, too long and too wide and every way she styled it still didn’t look right. So Linda decided it was time to make a change and repurpose the scarf. She cut it and pinned it and retried it multiple times until she added some buttons and loops and finally got the result she was looking for, a chic, comfortable and versatile piece that could be worn many different ways

The big test came when she wore it out on the street. Suddenly women were complimenting her on her piece and asking where she got it. With her first mission accomplished Linda set out to find the perfect fabric, one that was light, luxurious and translucent enough to create an air of sensuality. Silk chiffon was the answer! Linda then took it a step further by creating the original designs to have printed on to the fabric . . . and a business was born. 

The LuLuBdesign brand launched in 2015 and it soon gained popularity among women of all ages because of its beauty, versatility and effortless styling options. It also fits right in with the collective realization of chiconomics, slow fashion and the KonMari method. This attitude has sent converts Linda’s way. “Our customers are women who demand quality, appreciate the versatility and desire freedom of choice and they want to look fashionable without spending a lot of money ” explains Linda. “They’re women who embrace their confidence and beauty and want to be surrounded by the things that bring them joy. Our customers want to keep their clothing longer than one season and our timeless design ensures that it can be worn year-round and never go out of style."

Linda's been asked many times how she decided on the name The LuLuwrap. A "Lulu" is something that is remarkable or wonderful. It also happens to be her nickname.