About the Designer

"I designed the LuLuwrap for you, the fabulous woman who loves playful expression, embraces change and feels free to express her individual style!" - Linda Mason


I was a stylist for films, commercials and videos, a TV commercial producer, and a photographer before I embarked on an unexpected journey of reinvention and entrepreneurship when I created the LuLuwrap. Originally, I made the LuLuwrap for me. It all started with a leopard scarf (who doesn’t love a leopard print). I was trying to make it work with an outfit I wanted to wear. But the problem was that it was a bit too bulky, too long and too wide and every way I styled it still didn’t look right. So I decided to make some changes and repurpose the scarf. I spent the day playing around with it. I cut it and pinned it and retried it multiple times. It wasn’t until I added some buttons and loops to the scarf that I finally got the results I was looking for.  

I just dove right in and made up a few samples to wear out on the street. Suddenly I found women complimenting me on my wrap and asking where I got it and soon had customers. I realize that my customers are looking for something different. You want quality, and appreciate versatility. You want to look fashionable without spending a lot of money and you want to keep your clothing longer than one season. You deserve a unique, inspirational piece that will bring you joy, allow you to express your individuality and have fun while doing it! 

The LuLuBdesign brand launched in 2015. I set out to find the perfect fabric, one that was light, luxurious and translucent enough to create an air of sensuality. Silk chiffon was the answer! I then took it a step further by creating the original art designs printed on the fabric. The LuLuwrap is popular among women of all ages because of its beauty, versatility and effortless styling options. It also fits right in with the collective realization of chiconomics, slow fashion and the KonMari method. 

I've been asked many times how I decided on the name The LuLuwrap. A "LuLu" is something that’s remarkable or wonderful. It also happens to be by nickname.

Be present, be playful, be divine