Linda's Story

"I created the LuLuwrap for you, the empowered woman who loves playful expression, embraces change and feels free to express your individual style!" -

It all started with a leopard scarf. You know, the one that I had been eyeing for weeks? And now it was finally mine. It seemed like the perfect addition to my wardrobe until I tried wearing it with a dress. Now I love a good leopard print item, but this one just didn’t seem right. It was too bulky, too long and too wide and no matter how I styled it it never looked right. So the next day I took some cutting scissors and got to work on the scarf. After a few hours of trying different combinations I completely changed up the design of the scarf into something that would be more versatile. I sewed on buttons along with loops and it became a jacket-like accessory that not only could be worn as such but it could be styled 11 more ways. The final product became the LuLuwrap, a chic, versatile, easy-to-wear, season-less scarf-wrap that can take you from day to evening without sacrificing elegance or sensuality. 

Hi, I'm Linda Mason. I launched LuLuBdesign in 2016 with the LuLuwrap and set out to change the way women think about dressing. I understand the needs and desires of modern women because they’re my needs too. You're looking for something different to wear, something beautiful to wrap up in, and something fun in which to express yourself. 

P.S. I've been asked many times how I decided on the name LuLuBdesign and The LuLuwrap. A "LuLu" is something that’s remarkable or wonderful. It also happens to be by nickname.

Be present, be playful, be divine