Virgo - Cosmic Fashion Style

Virgo - August 23 - September 22
Symbol: The Virgin.  •   Element: Earth.  •   Color: Green and Brown

Classy and self-contained, you take exquisitely good care of yourself. Your greatest appeal is your shining intelligence, legendary wit and independence. Fitness and cleanliness add to your allure. Your style is functional and lady like and never over the top. Classic tailored pieces with a grown-up casual style are your look. Gravitate toward beautiful pieces that have a hint of sexiness to them. A flirty look is just right for you as well as vintage pieces mixed in with classics. Classic, earthy tones like olive green, tans, ochre and caramel keep you grounded and focused and simple prints are for you. You can carry small, delicate prints like no other sign. Pinstripes, polka dots, paisley – you name it, you can pull it o with style. You are a bit of a fashion chameleon!


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