Pisces - Cosmic Fashion Style

Pisces - February 18 - March 20
Symbol: The Fish  •   Element: Water  •   Color: Sea Green

Your seeming fragility and dreamy demeanor draws people in. Your ability to ow with circumstances is an added plus. There is a mystical quality about you and with your loving kindness and lusty romantic charms, you can get away with just about anything. You’re quite talented, a free spirit possessing a whimsical fashion air. You exhibit your style and taste with a subtle sexiness. Gem tone colors turn you on. Indigo, blue and the colors of the sea like sea foam green bring about healing and inspiration for you. Wear the latest flowy looks. They will soon become your most comfortable favorites. You love to wear art as well as create art with your wardrobe. Boho-chic, so, easy, owing pieces are just right for you. As the artists of the zodiac unrestrictive, effortless clothes like caftans, maxi dresses and luxe lounging pajamas are your inspiration!