Gemini - Cosmic Fashion Sign of the Month

Where does your fashion sense come from? Do you know that your fashion style can be linked to your sign of the zodiac? When you think about it you’ve always had particular likes and dislikes about clothes and colors and what looks good on you. The signs of the zodiac whether your sun sign, which describes your basic nature and the image you project to the world, or your rising sign, which is the impression we give off when people first meet us, can reveal our true fashion sense.Let’s take a look into the signs of the zodiac to find your true fashion style.

Gemini - Mayl 21 - June 20
Sign: The Twins •  Element: Air    Color: Yellow

The Gemini woman is gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, and has the innate ability to learn quickly. She’s definitely not a follower!  She covets her independence and freedom and will not be tied down by anyone or anything. Always fun to be around the Gemini woman leaves an impression on everyone she meets. She’s a great friend, however she doesn’t like to feel needed.

Communication skills are her asset. Great at motivating others and helping friends through difficult times. She is extremely good at persuasion to get what she wants.

Never a wallflower, the Gemini woman loves wearing clothing that’s fun, bold and that will turn heads. Her fashion style is definitely eclectic, funky and eccentric. Everyday fashion for the Gemini woman can be hard to pin down. The sign of Gemini is the Twins, which you may think of as having two personalities. So when it comes to what she’s attracted to that all depends on her mood at the moment. Although Gemini women can have a funky style, they’re always put together in their own creative way.

Favorite colors include yellow, orange, and magenta and they are not afraid to wear them in their favorite outfit. An idea for a day look for a Gemini woman can be dark form fitting jeans and a colorful abstract print top. To complete the look, add a pair colorful shoes, a big bold watch and several bangle bracelets.

Gemini have a great time when they head out for a night out on the town. Their fun begins with their style for the night and have probably built up a collection of sleek dresses ready for a big date or fancy party.

Accessories for a Gemini can make or break an outfit. They pay close attention to how accessories fit their mood and style and love to draw attention to their hands and arms. You will often find them with some form of accessory or decoration on their arms, fingers, or hands like big rings, chunky bracelets and watches. They also make a statement with their bags whether fun fabrics and/or bright colors.

As a Gemini, your sign plays a huge impact on your fashion style. You are very in touch with your style and what appeals to you and also what doesn’t. You’re more of a creator of style than a follower. Nobody is going to tell you how to dress. You love to be on-trend, but switch it up often.No matter your age, the Gemini woman wants to have a youthful look. Most importantly continue to have fun with your style and speak through your fashion.


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