Cancer - Cosmic Fashion Style

Where does your fashion sense come from? Do you know that your fashion style can be linked to your sign of the zodiac? When you think about it you’ve always had particular likes and dislikes about clothes and colors and what looks good on you. The signs of the zodiac whether your sun sign, which describes your basic nature and the image you project to the world, or your rising sign, which is the impression we give off when people first meet us, can reveal our true fashion sense. Let’s take a look into the signs of the zodiac to find your true fashion style. 

Cancer - June 21 - July 20

Sign: The Crab   Element: Water     Color: White, Silver

Wow, the year is moving fast. We are now in the month of Cancer, the zodiac sign known for its love of family and tradition. Cancer women are deeply emotional and are the true nurturers of the zodiac. 

Cancer women can be referred to as mysterious. They can show a facade of calm and peace but deep down they are driven and unpredictable. Her sense of fashion can be just as mysterious and unpredictable. By nature, the Cancer woman is conservative and doesn’t particularly like her clothing to stand out in a crowd but underneath that classical and traditional look, our Cancer woman has a love of feminine styles - especially luxurious lingerie and soft, translucent fabrics and clothing.

The Cancer woman loves color. Her favorite colors include white, pearl, silver and light-colored pastels. However, picking what color outfit to wear will most probably be dependent on her mood. 

Cancer is ruled by the moon and her look highly depends on her mood of the day. Her style is always changing and can be completely different from one day to the next. Tap into your water sign qualities and focus on shapes that are fluid and alluring. I wouldn’t put it past a Cancer woman to race home and change what she’s wearing because she suddenly feels an energy shift and no longer wants to be wearing whatever she had on! Did I say moody?

Cancers are all about the comfort and cozy. Their favorite fashion for everyday is pajamas! If they could they would wear them every day. But on those days when they do need to get out of the house and dress in style, a go-to outfit can be gorgeous, high-end workout-wear,or dark bootcut jeans paired with a beautiful white blouse and a pair of peep-toe heels. If it’s more of a casual evening, a linen dress with a wrap and sandals is also a great outfit.

When it's time to dress up for a night out on the town. You have a few cocktail dresses and party ready heelsthat are of course, classic and sophisticated.

Accessories for the Cancer woman should add an elegant touch to finish off the outfit. Cancer women will have a matching bag for their mood, whether it’s a night out on the town or a trip to the store. Cancer women have a very special love for pieces that are sentimental and have meaning. Vintage styles, both in clothing and accessories are also great choices.

Jewelry choices usually consist of pearls or silver reminiscent of the moon, but take acosmic style cue and add moonstones and luminescent opals. A small drop earring or vintage necklace can beautifully complement an outfit.

When it comes to fashion for the Cancer woman, it should be all about what looks good on you and not what others think.










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