The Joy of Owning Fewer Clothes

My girlfriend asked me “Have you ever given any thought to how your life would look if you owned fewer clothes?”   I considered the question and came up with a few images.

  • More disposable income.
  • More time to live your life.
  • Less stress.
  • Uncluttered closets
  • Packing for trips and vacations would be a breeze.

LuLuBDesign Blog Post The Joy of Owning Fewer Clothes

Most of us accumulate clothing every season. We have convinced ourselves that new clothes will make us more joyful, more fashionable, and more popular.  Have you ever thought of cleaning out your closet, paring down and owning fewer clothes?  You might really enjoy your newfound freedom.

Here are 5 tips to help you on your way to a stress-free, clutter-free, lifestyle.

  1. Wear fewer colorsMost of us already have a few favorite colors that we wear – usually because we like the way we look at them. Choosing to intentionally wear fewer colors means fewer accessories. 
  2. One can be enoughEmbrace it – one black dress, one swimsuit, one winter coat, one black belt, one pair of black boots, one pair of sneakers, one handbag… 
  3. Buy quality not quantity.  Buy clothing that you really love. If your closet is full of things you love, it will bring you joy.  Be closet conscious at sales!
  4. Donate, sell, discard. Getting rid of the clothes you no longer wear is easy. Getting rid of the clothes that you don’t really need is a much tougher choice.  After the season, whatever article of clothing wasn’t worn should be put into the donation pile. 
  5. Break the habit. Feeling depressed? We go shopping.  Date night? We go shopping. Shopping for that new outfit may not make you feel so good when the bill arrives.

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