We Give Thanks for You

Every morning I take a walk with my dog thru the hills and at the end of the road I stop and look out over the canyon and give thanks for the blue skies, the hawks soaring on the wind and the warmth of the sun on my face. I realize that there is something to be said for the rare moments we experience throughout the day that make us smile.

Blog post We Give Thanks for You

Thanksgiving is a holiday of the heart. It is the one day that we all stop and give thanks to our family and friends and all those rare moments we experience together. In this time of gratitude, LuLuBdesign gives thanks for you, our friends, followers and customers, the LuLuTribe. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have customers like you and we value your support.

Here’s 20 things to be grateful for Happy Thanksgiving!

1.  When your dog is so happy to see you

2.  Good hair days

3.  Morning coffee

4.  The moment you have exact change

5.  The movie that aways makes you laugh

6.  Your health

7.  Your close friends

8.. When your favorite song comes on the radio at that perfect moment

9.  Staying in bed as long as you want

10. Getting lost in a great book

11. Lighting a candle and sinking into a hot bath

12. Hitting every green light on your way to work

13. Opening a present

14. A perfectly ripe avocado

15. Finding a $10 bill in your jeans pocket

16. When a friend calls you and tells you how much you mean to them

17. Wrapping your self in a LuLuwrap

18. Your other half

19. Alone time

20. A great joke



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