LuLu: one that is remarkable or wonderful

Rhapsodic:  an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. Pretty much the same thing as "to gush." 

When you become rhapsodic describing a beautiful dress you just bought or a gorgeous LuLuwrap you just put on, you are so delighted that you're practically composing poems in praise of your new finds . . . or you can say you’re LuLuWrapsodic  

LuLuBdesign celebrates your individual style with great enthusiasm and passion. We want you to feel free and easy in your life and your style of dress.  We like to keep it casual, versatile and creative. You can be daring and playful, or sensual and chic.  Just be YOU, an empowered woman expressing her confidence, strength, and vitality.



updated 9/21 

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