Go Where the Music Takes You

Festival season's here, and whichever one you go to you'll want to hit the road wearing a playful style that expresses your individuality. Boho chic is festival stylish and cool. Wear something flowy and pair it with sporty sandals or slides. Dig out your fanny pack (great for all your small and very important essentials) and wrap it around your waist and go where the music takes you.

Celebrate your unique sense of style.
Your style, your rules You definitely want a statement piece, anything different and that's uniquely you. Just select something that's eye-catching! You know my choice for statement piece - The LuLuwrap. It works great for festivals. Here are a few ideas that you can use all season long.

1. It's the perfect garment for layering.

2. You can carry the LuLuwrap in its organza tote

Carefree and ready for adventure. Since more and more festivals are prohibiting large bags a small backpack or tote bag is perfect for stashing away a lipstick, phone, and LuLuwrap. This way you can fit your essentials all in one place, without any worry.

3. You can sash it around your waist

4. Or wear it as a skirt over your shorts when afternoon temperatures are at their height,

Grunge fashion is making its way back with fishnet stockings. And believe it or not, fishnet stockings are pretty versatile. For a little flair, wear them with a pair of denim shorts and/or a LuLuwrap buttoned at the waist, boho style.

Kick back in a bohemian-inspired ensemble. Having fun is always in style.

Surrender Dorothy and play. Create what you feel is right for the moment. With these pieces in your festival arsenal, you’ll be sure not only to stand out in a crowd but also to be comfortable while doing it.

Festivals are all about having a fabulous time. Go where the music takes you and dance like no one is watching.

Be present, be playful, be divine
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