A Day in the Life of the LuLuwrap   1:30P.M.

A Day in the Life of the LuLuwrap 1:30P.M.

After that leisurely lunch, I feel like taking a long walk on the beach. I don’t want to get my LuLuwrap wet, so I’m going to change out of the skirt, and try  a different style.

I like to wear the LuLuwrap as a poncho over jeans so I"m sure it will look great over my bathing suit. This should also give me some protection from the intense afternoon sun.

The ocean looks so clear and calm that I have to jump in and take a swim to cool off. That was refreshing!

Now it’s time to go back to the hotel and change. I’m treating myself to an afternoon of deep breathing and stretching.

I told you I was seriously into de-stressing!!!

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