A Day in the Life of the LuLuwrap.

A Day in the Life of the LuLuwrap.


Dear Diary,

It feels like I’ve been stuck in my house forever! I really need to take some time off to de-stress. I need to get some sun on my body, curl my toes in the sand and dive into the ocean.

An impromptu trip to raise my spirits seems like the perfect thing to do. And luckily I have a few days off from work and a bunch of miles to use.

I’m determined to pack light and not sacrifice style. Fortunately,  I found the the LuLuwrap by LuLuBdesign, a  luxurious and versatile, silk chiffon wrap which is the key to effortless glamour and a passion for travel. So problem solved!

. . . Maui here I come!


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